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Pocket Cards:
The two cards you get start of a hand.

To make small bets in the hope of getting called from a player with a lesser hand.

Slowplay: To not bet or raise with a very strong hand.

The amount of chips a player has.

Suited Connectors:
Two cards of consecutive rank and the same suit.

Quirk or action a player makes that will reveal their hand.

Tilt: When a player's emotions negatively affect their judjment.


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California Poker Rooms

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California Poker Rooms


Location Poker Room Address City     Telephone    
BRUCE'S CASINO Bruce's Bar and Casino 116 S. Main Street BLYTHE     619-922-2658    
JOK-ERZ WILD CASINO Jok-Erz Wild Casino 5151 Montero Way PETALUMA     707-795-6121    
JACKSON RANCHERIA CASINO & HOTEL "Jackson Rancheria Casino, Hotel & Conference Center" 12222 New York Ranch Rd JACKSON     800-822-9466    
HAROLD'S CARD CASINO Harold's Card Casino 112 N Yosemite Ave OAKDALE     209-847-2919    
JALISCO POOL ROOM Jalisco Pool Room 920 Guadalupe St GUADALUPE     805-434-1251    
CACHE CREEK INDIAN BINGO & CASINO Cache Creek Indian Bingo & Casino P.O. Box 65 BROOKS     530-796-3118    
KELLY'S CARD ROOM Kelly's Card Room 408 'O' St ANTIOCH     415-757-5190    
CAESAR CLUB Caesar Club 184 Main Street WATSONVILLE     408-724-0603    
CALIFORNIA GRAND CASINO California Grand 5867 Pacheco Blvd. PACHECO     925-685-8397    
JOCKEY CLUB Jockey Club 1350 Bennett Valley Rd SANTA ROSA     707-524-6340    
HOLLYWOOD PARK CASINO Hollywood Park Casino 3883 W Century Blvd INGLEWOOD     800-888-4972    
HUNTINGTON PARK CARD CLUB Huntington Park Card Club 6611 S Alameda LOS ANGELES     213-585-3050    
CABRERA RECREATION Cabrera Recreation 154 N. Valencia WOODLAKE     209-564-3671    
BUSTED FLUSH CASINO Busted Flush Casino 133 S Thompson Ave NIPOMA     805-929-3308    
HOPLAND SHO KA WAH CASINO Hopland Sho-Ka-Wah Casino 13101 Nokomis Rd HOPLAND     707-744-1395    
HAWAIIAN GARDENS CASINO Hawaiian Gardens Casino 11871 Carson St HAWAIIAN GARDENS     562-860-5887    
HEMPHILL'S CARD ROOM Hemphill's Card Room 3385 California Blvd NAPA     707-252-1355    
HI-DESERT CASINO Hi Desert Casino 1711 Air Base Rd ADELANTO     619-246-8624    
KLONDIKE CASINO EUREKA Klondike Casino Eureka 1930 4th St EUREKA     707-445-4633    
HOF BRAU Sam's Hofbrau 22 E Olive PORTERVILLE     209-784-8081    
LA FUERZA La Fuerza 175 E Antelope WOODLAKE     209-564-8066    
BUSTED FLUSH CASINO Busted Flush Casino PO Box 1559 NIPOMA     805-929-3308  
IMPERIAL JADE CASINO Imperial Jade Casino 320 Paulina St CALEXICO     619-351-1602    
NAPA VALLEY CASINO Napa Valley Casino "3466 Napa Vallejo, Hwy 29 " AMERICAN CANYON     707-644-8851    
MARINA CLUB Marina Club 204 Carmel Ave MARINA     408-384-0925    
McHENRY-KIERRNAN MED & WOMEN'S CLUB Mchenry-Kierrnan Med & Women's Club 1028 S 9th St MODESTO     209-574-9702    
BLACK SHEEP CASINO Black Sheep Inn 3330 Cameron Park CAMERON PARK     916-676-4251    
MODESTO ELKS LODGE #1282 Modesto Elks Lodge #1282 945 McHenry Ave MODESTO     209-524-4421    
MONO WIND CASINO Mono Wind Casino 37302 Rancheria Ln AUBERRY     559-855-4350    
MORTIMER'S INN Mortimers Card Room 3100 Del Monte Blvd MARINA     408-384-7667    
LA CASINO LA Casino 6611 S Alameda LOS ANGELES     213-585-3050    
MY PLACE My Place 4226 University Ave SAN DIEGO     619-281-4804    
LUCKY CHANCES CASINO Lucky Chances Casino 1700 Hillside Blvd COLMA     650-758-2237    
BLACK ROCK CASINO CARDROOM Black Rock Casino Cardroom 634 Main St SUSANVILLE     916-257-3601    
NINETEENTH HOLE Nineteenth Hole 2746 W Tergallas ANTIOCH     925-757-6545    
NORMANDIE CASINO Normandie Casino 1045 W Rosecrans Ave GARDENA     800-540-8006    
OAKDALE CARDROOM Oakdale CardRoom 112 N Yosemite Blvd OAKDALE     209-847-2919    
OAKS CARD CLUB Oaks Card Club 4097 San Pablo Ave EMERYVILLE     510-653-4456    
OAKS CARD PARLOUR Oaks Card Parlour 4121 Spring St PASO ROBLES     805-238-7877    
OCEAN VIEW CARDROOM Ocean View Cardroom 601 Front St SANTA CRUZ     408-423-6257    
MURPHY'S CASINO Murphy's Casino 10465 E Stockton ELK GROVE     -    
LILIA'S CARDROOM Lilia's Cardroom 321 E St LEMOORE     -    
LA ALCACHOFA La Alcachofa 18 Porter Dr WATSONVILLE     408-722-0848    
CAMEO CLUB Cameo Club 5757 Pacific Avenue STOCKTON     209-474-1777    
LA FRONTERA CLUB La Frontera Club 176 Main St WATSONVILLE     408-722-3461    
BROADWAY MARKET CARD ROOM Broadway Market Card Room 1141 Fontes Lane SALINAS     831-422-6881    
LAGOON LODGE Lagoon Lodge Hwy 78 PALO VERDE     -    
LAKE BOWL CARD ROOM Folsom Lake Bowl Sports Bar and Casino 511 E Bidwell FOLSOM     916-983-6000    
LAKE ELSINORE HOTEL & CASINO Lake Elsinore Resort and Casino 20930 Malaga Rd LAKE ELSINORE     909-674-3101    
LUCKY LADY CARDROOM Lucky Lady Card Room 5526 El Cajon Blvd SAN DIEGO     619-287-6690    
BROADWAY CLUB Broadway Club 9461 Broadway PLANADA     -    
LUCKY DERBY POKER ROOM Lucky Derby Casino 7433 Greenback Ln #C CITURS HEIGHTS     916-726-8946    
LIMELIGHT CARD CLUB Limelight Card Club 1014 Alhambra blvd SACRAMENTO     916-446-2208    
BOULEVARD BOWL Boulevard Bowl 1100 Petaluma Blvd. PETALUMA     707-762-4581    
LIVERMORE SALOON Livermore Saloon 2223 First St LIVERMORE     510-447-1707    
LOS GATITOS CAFÉ Los Gatitos Café 10 Brooklyn St WATSONVILLE     408-728-4175    
LUCKY BEAR CASINO & BING Lucky Bear Casino 0 highway 96 HOOPA     530-625-4048    
LUCKY BUCK The Lucky Buck Card Club 1620 Railroad Ave LIVERMORE     510-447-6645    
KONOCTI VISTA CASINO Konocti Vista Casino 2755 Mission Rancheria Dr LAKEPORT     707-262-1900    
LARRY'S GOLD ROOM Larry's Gold Room #2 Water St JACKSON     -    
EL DORADO CLUB El Dorado Club 15411 S Vermont Ave GARDENA     310-323-2800    
DON JUAN CASINO Don Juan Casino 2781 Don Juan Drive RANCHO CORDOVA     916-635-0919    
CLASSIC POKER CLUB Classic Poker Club 13300 E Hwy 20 CLEALAKE OAKS     -    
EAGLE MOUNTAIN CASINO Eagle Mountain Casino 681 Tule PORTERVILLE     559-788-6220    
CISCO'S CARDROOM Ciscos Cardroom 4904 Auburn Blvd. SACRAMENTO     916-331-6261    
CIBOLA CLUB Cibola Club 138 N. Main BLYTHE     619-921-3031    
CHUMASH CASINO Chumash Casino Resort 3400 E. Hwy. 246 SANTA YNEZ     800-728-9997    
GOLD SOMBRERO Gold Sombrero Card Room 2217 Yosemite Pkwy MERCED     209-726-0868    
EL BOHEMIO CLUB El Bohemio Club 8 Porter Drive WATSONVILLE     408-722-3501    
CLUB 3-7-11 Club 3-7-11 455 S. Plano PORTEVILLE     209-784-8081    
CHICKEN RANCH CASINO Chicken Ranch Bingo & Casino 16929 Chicken Ranch Rd JAMESTOWN     800-752-4646    
EL MANANTIAL CLUB El Manantial Club 19823 Orange Belt STRAITHMORE     -    
EL PASA TIEMPO CLUB El Pasa Tiempo Club 126 Main St WATSONVILLE     408-722-0605    
EL RANCHITO CAFE El Ranchito Café 140 Oak Street SOLEDAD     408-678-3454    
CHER-AE HEIGHTS Cher-Ae Heights Casino 27 Cher-Ae Lane TRINIDAD     800-684-2464    
EL TENAMPA I El Tenampa I 118 Main St WATSONVILLE     408-722-0605    
EL AS DE ESPADAS El As De Espadas 12787 1st Dr CUTLER     209-528-2239    
CLUB ONE CASINO Club One Casino 1033 Van Ness Avenue FRESNO     209-497-3000    
COLUSA CASINO Colusa Casino PO BOX 1267 COLUSA     800-655-8946    
COMMERCE CASINO Commerce Casino 6131 E. Telegraph Road COMMERCE     323-721-2100    
COMSTOCK CARDROOM Comstock Card Room 125 W. 11th Street TRACY     209-832-1111    
CLUB SAN RAFAEL Club San Rafael 62-H Dubois St SAN RAFAEL     415-453-3560    
CRINER'S CARD ROM Criner's Card Room 2974 Imperial Ave SAN DIEGO     -    
CLUB PARADISE Club Paradise 5445 Clark Rd PARADISE     916-872-1600    
DOMINICK'S Dominick's 224 W. Yosemite Avenue MANTECA     209-824-0921    
CUATRO'S COPAS CLUB Cuatro's Copas Club "1333 ""I"" Street " REEDLEY     209-638-3183    
DOC'S DUCK INN Doc's Duck Inn 450 Colfax Avenue GRASS VALLEY     916-274-2170    
CLUB INN Club Inn 925 Glenwood Street DELANO     805-725-5025    
CLUB CARIBE Club Caribe Casino 7617 Atlantic Ave. CUDAHY     (323) 560-5995    
DE ANZA CARDROOM De Anza Cardroom 301 Heffernan Ave CALEXICO     -    
DEALER'S CHOICE Dealer's Choice Card Room 13483 Bowman Rd AUBURN     530-885-3627    
DELBERT'S DEPOT Delbert's Depot 30435 Road 68 GOSHEN     209-651-3724    
DELTA CLUB Delta Club 6518 Pacific Ave STOCKTON     209-956-6990    
EMPIRE CASINO Empire Casino 111 S Main St YREKA     916-842-1173    
CRYSTAL PARK CASINO Crystal Park Casino Hotel 123 E. Artesia Blvd. COMPTON     310-6313838    
CASINO CHICO Casino Chico 305 Nord CHICO     916-343-5132    
ELK VALLEY CASINO Elk Valley Casino 2500 Howland Hill CRESCENT CITY     707-464-1020    
GARDEN CITY CASINO Garden City Casino 360 S. Saratoga Avenue SAN JOSE     408-244-3333    
GARLIC CITY CLUB Garlic City Club 40 Hornlein GILROY     408-847-3777    
GENE'S SIERRA CLUB Gene's Sierra Club 958-B Lincoln Way AUBURN     916-823-4635    
GINNY'S CLUB Ginny's Club 5402 Linhurst Avenue MARYSVILLE     916-742-7600    
GLORIA'S CARD ROOM Gloria's Card Room 30435 Road 68 VISALIA     559-651-3724    
FREMONT CARDROOM Fremont Card Room 133 S. Thompson Avenue NIPOMO     805-929-3308    
GOLD COUNTRY CASINO Gold Country Casino 4020 Olive Hwy. OROVILLE     530-538-4560    
CASINO CLUB REDDING Casino Club 1885 Hilltop Drive REDDING     916-221-5015    
LUCKY 7 CASINO Lucky 7 Casino 350 N Indian Rd SMITH RIVER     707-487-7777    
GOLD RUSH CASINO Gold Rush Gaming Parlor 106 E. Main Street GRASS VALLEY     916-477-6537    
OCEANA CARD ROOM Oceana Card Room 1795 Front St OCEANSIDE     805-474-0188    
CARAVAN LOUNGE Caravan Lounge 15184 Lakeshore Dr CLEARLAKE     707-994-3202    
GOLDEN BEARS CASINO Golden Bears Casino 170 E Klamath Beach Rd KLAMATH     707-482-5501    
CAP'S SALOON Caps Saloon 12 W. Gabilan Street SALINAS     408-422-3791    
CAPITOL CASINO Capitol Casino 411 N 16th St SACRAMENTO     916+446-0700    
CASINO CHICO Casino Chico 1310 Esplanade CHICO     530-343-5132    
FIVE PASCO BROTHERS Five Pasco Brothers 219 Grand Ave SAN FRANCISCO     415-873-5964    
GOLDEN WEST CASINO Golden West Casino 1001 S. Union Avenue BAKERSFIELD     805-324-9636    
EMPIRE SPORTSMAN'S ASSOC Empire Sportsman's Assoc 801 McHenry MODESTO     209-522-8400    
CASINO SAN PABLO Casino San Pablo 13255 San Pablo Avenue SAN PABLO     800-811-8862    
FANTASY CASINO Fantasy Casino 2013 W Commonwealth Ave N FULLERTON     714-441-0670    
FANTASY SPRINGS CASINO Fantasy Springs Casino 84245 Indio Springs Drive INDIO     800-827-2946    
FEATHER FALLS CASINO Feather Falls Casino #3 Alverda Drive OROVILLE     916-533-3885    
GARCIA'S CARDROOM Garcia's CardRoom 7275 Monterey St GILROY     408-848-5916    
FIVE HUNDRED CLUB Five Hundred Club 500 Clovis Ave. CLOVIS     209-299-9951    
CENTRAL COAST CASINO Central Coast Casino 359 Grand Ave. GROVER BEACH     805-474-8500    
CASINO ROYALE Casino Royale 180 El Camino Real SAN BRUNO     415-589-8080    
CASINO REAL CARDROOM Casino Real 1030-B Yosemite Ace MANTECA     209-239-1455    
FOLSOM SUTTER CLUB Folsom Sutter Club 720 Sutter St FOLSOM     916-351-1070    
CASINO MORONGO Casino Morongo 49750 Seminole Drive CABAZON     800-252-4499    
CASINO MARYSVILLE Casino Marysville 820 5th Street MARYSVILLE     916-742-1331    
FRANK'S BAVARIAN INN Frank's Bavarian Inn 2160 North Main Street SALINAS     408-449-5941    
FRATERNAL ORDER OF EAGLES #232 Fraternal Order of Eagles #232 4684 S Saviers Rd OXNARD     -    
"FIVE BROTHERS, INC " "Five Brothers, Inc" 16174 Main St LOWER LAKE     707-994-7332    
S & K CARDROOM S & K Card Room 306 F St EUREKA     707-442-2305    
THE COTTAGE The Cottage 106 W. 7th St. HANFORD     209-583-1077    
TRES PALMAS CAFÉ Tres Palmas Cafe 9270 Broderick PLANADA     209-382-9994    
ROGELIO'S CASINO "Rogelio's Dine & Sleep Inn, Cocktail Lounge & Casino" 32 & 34 Main St ISLETON     916-777-6606    
ROYAL FLUSH CASINO Royal Flush Casino Hwy 41 & Bush LEMOORE     559-825-0505    
ROY'S CLUB Roy's Club 31 N Sacramento LODI     209-334-9837    
BAY 101CASINO Bay 101 Casino 1801 Bering Drive SAN JOSE     408-451-8888    
ALDO'S CARDROOM Aldo's Card Room 1225 Airport Dr DELANO     661-725-4888    
RIVER CITY CARDROOM River City Cardroom 5420 Auburn Blvd SACRAMENTO     916-334-1261    
TRACEY'S CARDROOM Tracey's Cardroom 1509 47th Ave SAN DIEGO     619-264-9553    
OCEAN'S ELEVEN CASINO Ocean's Eleven Casino 121 Brooks Street OCEANSIDE     888-439-6988    
THREE STARS CLUB Three Stars Club 2222 'C' St S MADERA     -    
THE RUSTY SPUR The Rusty Spur 175 E Visalia Rd FARMERSVILLE     209-747-3868    
AL'S CARDROOM Al's 99 Cardroom 2313 W. Main Street TURLOCK     209-668-1010    
BIG TOMATO CARD CLUB Big Tomato Card Club 1014 Alhambra SACRAMENTO     916-446-2208    
RUSTY'S CARD ROOM Rusty's Card Room 112 N Main St BISHOP     760-873-9066    
RALPH & EDDIE'S CARDROOM Ralph & Eddie's Cardroom 390 Grand Ave CARLSBAD     619-729-2989    
PRIMAVERA POOL HALL & CAFÉ Prima Vera Card Room 224 'C' St S MADERA     559-674-1030    
ACE HIGH CASINO Ace High Casino 9055 Hwy 53 LOWER LAKE     707-995-3427    
ACE OF CLUBS Ace of Clubs 778 S. Madera Avenue KERMAN     209-846-9703    
ACE'E DEUCE'E Ace'e Duce'e 4744 El Cajon Blvd. SAN DIEGO     619-284-9343    
ALDO'S CARD ROOM Aldo's Card Room 1401 N State UKIAH     -    
R CLUB CARD LOUNGE R Club Card Lounge 155 Castro St MOUNTAIN VIEW     -    
ROBINSON RANCHERIA Robinson Rancheria Casino and Bingo 1545 E Hwy 20 NICE     800-809-3636    
BICYCLE CLUB CASINO The Bicycle Casino's "Club" 7301 Eastern Avenue BELL GARDENS     800-838-0015    
SAIGON CASINO CLUB Saigon Casino Club 135 E Washington STOCKTON     209-462-7578    
RANCHO'S CLUB Rancho's Club 2740 Mills Park Dr RANCHO CORDOVA     916-635-0919    
RED FOX CASINO Red Fox Casino 200 Cahto Dr LAYTONVILLE     310-641-9390    
REGINA'S CARD ROOM Regina's Card Room 862 E Alisal SALINAS     408-422-5092    
TROY'S CLUB Troy's Club 642 1st St RODEO     510-799-2886    
BELL JACKPOT CASINO Bell Jackpot Casino 4901 S Eastern Ave BELL GARDENS     -    
SAN MANUEL INDIAN BINGO & CASINO San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino 5797 N Victoria HIGHLAND     800-359-2464    
R+O CARDROOM R+O CardRoom 17500 Vierra Canyon rd SALINAS     408-663-4061    
SUTTER CLUB Sutter Club 720 Sutter St SUTTER     -    
SPOTLIGHT 29 Trump 29 Casino 46200 Harrison St COACHELLA     800-841-6666    
ST CHARLES PLACE St. Charles Place 317 Main St DOWNIEVILLE     916-289-3237    
THE DROP IN The Drop In 200 San Joaquin Avw ANTIOCH     510-754-9898    
ANTIQUE ROSE POKER ROOM Antique Rose Poker Room 4122 Cameron park Dr CAMERON PARK     916-676-8669    
SUN DOWN CARDROOM Sun Down Cardroom 2217 Del paso Blvd SACRAMENTO     916-927-2481    
SAL'S TOWN CARD ROOM Sal's Town Card Room 11820 20th St W ROSAMOND     805-256-6724    
SUSANVILLE CASINO Susanville Casino 900 Skyline Dr SUSANVILLE     530-252-1100    
SOBOBA CASINOT Soboba Casino 23333 Soboba Rd SAN JACINTO     800-618-7774    
SUTTER PLACE Sutter Place 5107 Elmwood Ave NEWARK     408-262-2958    
SYCUAN CASINO Sycuan Casino & Resort 5469 Dehesa Rd EL CAJON     800-279-2826    
TABLE MOUNTAIN CASINO & BINGO Table Mountain Casino & Bingo 8184 Table Mountain Rd FRIANT     800-541-3637    
ANGIE'S POKER CLUB Angie's Poker Club 114 W 15th St CHICO     530-892-2282    
ANGELINA'S NITE CLUB Angelinas Nite Club 811 N. Farmersville Blvd. FARMERSVILLE     209-747-3765    
THE CLUB The Club 927 Whitley Ave CORCORAN     209-992-3637    
SUNDOWNER GAME ROOM Sundowner Poker Bar & Grill 1401 E 5th St BENICIA     707-745-4828    
SHAMROCK CARD ROOM Shamrock Card Room 117 W 11th St TRACY     209-832-1111    
BARONA CASINO Barona Valley Ranch Resort and Casino 1000 Wildcat Canyon Road LAKESIDE     888-722-7662    
SCHOONER SALOON Schooner Saloon 207 3rd St EUREKA     707-442-5641    
BARNEY'S Barney's 1933 Montgomery Street OROVILLE     916-533-7968    
SCOTTY'S CARDROOM Scotty's Cardroom 110 W Main TURLOK     209-634-4170    
THE MINT The Mint Paul Bunyon's Hotel PORTERVILLE     -    
SEQUOIA CLUB Sequoia Club 118 N Irwin HANFORD     209-582-9945    
SPORTSMAN HIDEWAY Sportsman Hideway 322-A Broadway KING CITY     -    
THE LUCKY DERBY CASINO Lucky Derby Casino 7433-C Greenback Lane CITRUS HEIGHTS     916-726-8946    
SPA HOTEL & CASINO Spa Resort Casino 140 N Indian Canyon Dr PALM SPRINGS     760-323-5865    
SHODAKAI COYOTE VALLEY CASINO Coyote Valley Shodakai Casino 7751 N State St REDWOOD VALLEY     707-485-0700    
ASH STREET CARD CLUB Ash Street Card Club 11 South Ash Street VENTURA     805-643-7009    
SIETE DE COPAS Siete Copas 629 N Farmersville FARMERSVILLE     209-747-0753    
SILVER FOX Silver Fox Card Room 5350 Fruitridge Rd SACRAMENTO     916-456-2424    
ARTICHOKE JOE'S Artichoke Joe's Casino 659 Huntington Avenue SAN BRUNO     650-589-3145    
BEER BARREL CASINO Beer Barrel Casino 1976 W Center ANDERSON     916-365-1342    
SERVATORIUM Servatorium 1548 Center Ave DOS PALOS     209-392-9918    
PETE'S 881 SPORTS BAR Pete's 881 Club 721 Lincoln Ave SAN RAFAEL     415-453-5888    
PLAYERS CHOICE Players Choice 1661 N Triangle Dr RIDGECREST     -    
PAIUTE PALACE CASINO Paiute Palace Casino 2742 N Sierra Hwy BISHOP     760-873-4150    
VINEYARD CASINO Vineyard Casino 8888 E Manning Ave FOWLER     209-834-4484    
V W CASINO VW Casino 129 N Livermore Ave LIVEMORE     510-373-7282    
VENTURA AMERICAN LEGION POST #339 Ventura American Legion Post 339 83 S Palm St VENTURA     805-653-1339    
PALACE CLUB Palace Club 22821 Mission Blvd HAYWARD     510-582-1166    
PALOMAR CARD CLUB Palomar Card Club 2724 El Cajoh Blvd SAN DIEGO     619-280-5828    
PIPE ROOM Pipe Room 28 S Lassen St SUSANVILLE     916-257-3601    
PALOMAR CARDROOM Palomar CardRoom 2724 El Cajon Blvd SAN DIEGO     619-280-5828    
PHOENIX LOUNGE & CASINO Phoenix Lounge 5948 Auburn Blvd CITRUS HEIGHTS     916-331-2345    
WIN-RIVER CASINO Win-River Casino 2100 Rancheria Rd REDDING     800-280-8946    
PHILLIPINE GARDENS Phillipine Gardens 410 Rodriguez St WATSONVILLE     -    
PIT RIVER CASINO Pit River Casino 20265 Tamarack Ave BURNEY     530-335-2334    
PAN CLUB Pan Club 3135 Harbor Blvd VENTURA     805-639-0340    
PARAGON Paragon 726 2nd St DAVIS     916-758-7550    
VIEJAS CASINO & TURF CLUB Viejas Casino 5000 Willows Rd SAN DIEGO     800-847-6537    
PECHANGA ENTERTAINMENT CENTER Pechanga Resort & Casino 45000 Pala Rd TEMECULA     888-732-4264    
PASQUALE'S BAR Paquale's Bar 499 Front St SOLEDAD     408-678-3333    
PEASURE POINT CASINO Pleasure Point Casino 3910 Portola Dr SANTA CRUZ     408-475-4424    
BLACK BART CASINO Black Bart Casino 100 Kawi Pl WILLITS     707-459-7330    
RODEO CARDROOM Rodeo Cardroom 131 Main St SALINAS     408-424-4281    
VILLAGE CLUB Village Club 310 Broadway CHULA VISTA     619-425-3333    
PATIO CLUB Patio Club 848 4th St SAN RAFAEL     -    
PASTIME CARD ROOM Pastime 726 First St BENICIA     707-745-9938    
VFW WALLACE CHAFFEE POST #1679 Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States Wallace Chaffee Post No. 1679 3801 Market St VENTURA     805-642-2674    
WINNER'S CIRCLE Winner's Circle 3020 Santa Rosa Ave SANTA ROSA     707-589-9424    
WALKERS WAGON WHEEL Walkers Wagon Wheel 282 E Middlefield Rd MOUNTAIN VIEW     650-967-3488    
BILL'S CLUB CARD ROOM Bill's Club Card Room 117 W 11th St TRACY     209-832-1111    
WELTE'S CLUB Welte's Club 254 Grand Ave SAN FRANCISCO     415-588-4459    
POTER FLATS CASINO Poter Flats Casino 55 E 16th St MERCED     209-383-4917    
TWIN PINE CASINO Twin Pine Casino 22223 Highway 29 MIDDLETOWN     707-987-0197    
OLD CAYUCOS TAVERN Old Cayucos Tavern 130 N Ocean Ave CAYUCOS     805-995-3209    
OLD TAVERN CASINO Old Tavern Casino 1510 20th St SACRAMENTO     916-444-5595    
VENTURA BPO ELKS LODGE #1430 Ventura BPO Elks Lodge #1430 11 S Ash st VENTURA     805-653-1430    
POKER PALACE Poker Palace 117 W Ridgecrest RIDGECREST     619-384-2970    
PACIFIC NEWS Pacific News 204 2nd Ave SAN MATEO     650-401-3888    
BJ'S CARD PARLOR BJ's Card Parlor 8155 El Camino Real ATASCADERO     815-466-2273    
PLAYER'S CLUB Players' Poker Club 906 N Ventura Ave VENTURA     805-643-7009    
VAN NESS CARD ROOM Van Ness Card Room 2137 Kern St FRESNO     209-266-8590    
OWL CARD ROOM Owl Card Room 674 Main EL CENTRO     -    
OPTIMO CASINO CLUB Optimo Casino Club 9225 Skyway Ave PARADISE     -    
OUTPOST SAN RAMON Outpost Casino 2251 San Ramon Valley Blvd SAN RAMON     510-837-6606    
OUTLAWS CARD PARLOR Outlaws Cardroom 9850 E Front Rd ATASCADERO     805-466-7950    



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