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Pocket Cards:
The two cards you get start of a hand.

To make small bets in the hope of getting called from a player with a lesser hand.

Slowplay: To not bet or raise with a very strong hand.

The amount of chips a player has.

Suited Connectors:
Two cards of consecutive rank and the same suit.

Quirk or action a player makes that will reveal their hand.

Tilt: When a player's emotions negatively affect their judjment.


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Montana Poker Rooms

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Location Poker Room Address City     Telephone    
MAX CASINO HERITAGE INN Max Casino Heritage Inn 1700 Fox Farm Rd GREAT FALLS     406-761-1900    
SILVER TIP CASINO Silvertip Casino 680 SW Higgins MISSOULA     406-728-5643    
LITTLE NEVADA CASINO Little Nevada Casino 1413 13th St W BILLINGS     406-256-5366    
OLE'S LITTLE NEVADA Ole's Little Nevada 1313 13th St W HELENA     406-256-5366    
STAGE COACH INN Stage Coach Inn 209 Madison St W YELLOWSTONE     406-646-7381    
EAGLE NEST Eagle Nest 1516 4th Ave N BILLINGS     406-259-1100    
MILWAUKEE STATION Milwaukee Station 250 Station Dr MISSOULA     406-721-7777    
LUCKY LIL'S POKE ROOM Lucky Lil's - Kalispell 1104 Hwy 2 E KALISPELL     406-257-2893    
DOC & EDDIE'S CARDROOM Doc & Eddy's Casino 711 15th St. West BILLINGS     406-259-0953    
IDA'S CARDROOM Ida's Cardroom 123 W Broadway MISSOULA     406-543-9044    
PAULA'S POKER PALACE Paula's Poker Palace 305 E Main St LAUREL     406-628-8788    
THE GOLDEN SPUR Golden Spur 5 Haines Avenue MILES CITY     406-232-3544    
THE OXFORD The Oxford 337 N Higgins Ave MISSOULA     406-549-0115    
CRYSTAL CARD CLUB Crystal Card Club 101 N. Broadway BILLINGS     406-259-5148    
LOCOMOTIVE INN CASINO Locomotive Inn Casino 216 1st Ave S LAUREL     406-628-7969    
STOCKMANS BAR Stockmans Bar 125 W Front St MISSOULA     406-549-9668    
EMPIRE CARDROOM Empire Cardroom 2713 Montana Ave BILLINGS     406-248-4583    
R & R CARDROOM R & R Cardroom 3811 10th Ave S GREAT FALLS     406-727-5876    
CATHY AND KAREN'S CARDROOM Cathy and Karen's Cardroom 1516 4th Avenue N. BILLINGS     406-259-1104    
SCOOP BAR Scoop Bar 412 W Main BOZEMAN     406-587-9968    
SAWBUCK SALOON Sawbuck Saloon 1301 S Main St KALISPELL     406-755-4778    
GOLD RUSH CASINO Gold Rush Casino 20 W Galena BUTTE     406-782-5652    
CAT'S PAW CARDROOM Cat's Paw Cardroom 721 N. 7th BOZEMAN     406-586-3542    
GOLD NUGGET CASINO Gold Nugget Casino 740 W. Idaho KALISPELL     406-756-8100    
GRAND TREE POKER ROOM Grand Tree Inn 1325 N 7th St BOZEMAN     406-587-5261    
CAVANAUGH'S MOTOR INN Cavanaugh's Motor Inn 20 N Main KALISPELL     406-752-6660    
REMINGTON CASINO Remington Casino 130 Central Ave WHITEFISH     406-862-0017    
RIVERBOAT CASINO Riverboat Cardroom 444 S 24th St BILLINGS     406-755-4778    















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