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Pocket Cards:
The two cards you get start of a hand.

To make small bets in the hope of getting called from a player with a lesser hand.

Slowplay: To not bet or raise with a very strong hand.

The amount of chips a player has.

Suited Connectors:
Two cards of consecutive rank and the same suit.

Quirk or action a player makes that will reveal their hand.

Tilt: When a player's emotions negatively affect their judjment.


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Michigan Poker Rooms

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Location Poker Room Address City     Telephone    
MOTORCITY CASINO MotorCity Casino 2901 Grand River Ave DETROIT     313-237-7711    
OJIBWA CASINO II Ojibwa Casino Marquette 105 Acre Trail MARQUETTE     906-249-4200    
MOTOR CITY CASINO Motor City Casino 2847 Brooklyn St DETROIT     313-967-0490    
LITTLE RIVER CASINO RESORT Little River Casino Resort 2700 Orchard Hwy MANISTEE     231-723-1535    
OJIBWA CASINO RESORT Ojibwa Casino Resort 797 Michigan Ave BARAGA     906-353-6333    
KEWADIN CASINO-SAULT STE MARIE Kewadin Vegas Casino - Sault Ste. Marie 2186 Shunk Rd SAULT ST MARIE     800-539-1346    
SOARING EAGLE CASINO Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort 6800 Soaring Eagle Blvd MT PLEASANT     888-732-4537    
CHIP-IN-CASINO Chip In's Island Resort & Casino W-399 Jwy 2 & 41 P.O. Box 351 HARRIS     800-682-6040    
SAGINAW CHIPS CASINO Saginaw Chips Casino 7498 E Broadway MT PLEASANT     517-772-8900    
GREEKTOWN CASINO Greektown Casino 459 E Lafayette Blvd DETROIT     313-964-2762    
TURTLE CREEK CASINO Turtle Creek Casino 7741 M 72 E WILLIAMSBURG     231-267-9574    
KEWADIN CASINO-MANISTIQUE Kewadin Casino - Manistique Rte 1 US 2 MANISTIQUE     906-341-5510    
LEELANAU SUPER GAMING PALACE Leelanau Super Gaming Palace 2331 NW Bayshore Dr SUTTONS BAY     616-271-6852    
KEWADIN CASINO-ST IGNACE Kewadin Casino - St. Ignace 3039 Mackinac Trail ST IGNACE     800-539-2346    
KEWADIN MINI CASINO Kewadin Casino - Christmas Rte 2 Box 22 CHRISTMAS     906-387-5475    
KINGS CLUB CASINO Kings Club Casino 11386 W Lakeshore Dr BRIMLEY     800-386-2250    
LAC VIEUX DESERT BINGO & CASINO Lac Vieux Desert Casino Resort Complex N 5385 US 45 WATERSSMEET     906-358-4226    
LEELANAU SANDS CASINO Leelanau Sands Casino 2521 NW Bay Shore Dr SUTTONS BAY     800-962-4646    
















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